Accenture Brand

Internal Use (no additional cost)

Unlimited use Internal usage is pre-cleared with no additional cost, purchase order, or WBS Billing requirements.  Make your selection, download, and create the asset.  Use as much or as little as you want.

Internal | Accenture Brand rights package includes:




"Internal Usage" including Accenture PowerPoint presentations (OTT), Internal Accenture Meetings (OTT), Internal Accenture Showcases (OTT), Internal Accenture Video or animation productions, Internal Accenture owned and operated websites



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External Use

External Use is pre-cleared through the Bulletproof Bear Master Service Agreement with Accenture, however there are some additional costs associated with any External Usage.  Access the Estimate Calculator, to get an instant estimate specific for the rights you need (for example – radio, broadcast, digital streaming | paid & unpaid media).