WBS Billing and Licensing

Our existing master service agreement with Accenture Song provides comprehensive services, which encompass one-stop licensing that has been pre-cleared for our entire music catalog. This includes pre-cleared needle drop rates for digital mediums (both branded and unbranded), alternative platforms (like metaverse and altiverse), live events, broadcasting, as well as internal and external marketing. We also provide affordable unlimited-use blankets for digital use, covering both branded and unbranded content, and including internal and external marketing. Our pricing does not vary based on whether the media is ‘paid’ or ‘unpaid’. As an additional service, we provide our complete collection for internal presentations free of charge. As stipulated in the master service agreement between Bulletproof Bear and Accenture Song, we are fully insured, offering indemnity to Song agencies and their clients.

For transactions under $10k, a purchase order (PO) is not necessary. We can process it via non-PO invoicing, unless your team prefers to issue a PO for all client expenses to aid in accounting reporting. The licensing terms will be explicitly mentioned on the invoice and will reference the comprehensive music license, which can be presented to the client if required.

Below, you’ll find an estimate calculator to help you determine licensing fees based on your specific needs.