Chris Walla



As the esteemed visionary, songwriter, producer, and curator of many moods for 17 years with Death Cab For Cutie, Chris Walla has achieved a certain respect. As an artist seemingly unwilling to reside within a niche foisted upon him by unforgiving media, the revolutionary days of the last gasps of Seattle’s chokehold on popular music, or to bow to the typical style-vision a “solo career” should best adhere to, Walla is unique.

His second full-length ought to be resounding proof enough of that, as Walla’s meditative Tape Loops is about as removed from the salad days of the DCFC heyday as is possible. With that said, If Tape Loops is any barometer for what Walla’s deceptively quiet post-Death Cab future holds, sign up the dreamers.

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