Kat Meoz

US // Los Angeles



Kat Meoz (f.k.a. GRIT) has found a truly solid combination of quick guitars, devil-may-care bass grooves, and thrilling drum-work which holds on and doesn’t let go.

Her remarkably clean vocal chops yet her voice rides effortlessly in this band’s garage rock air and exudes an infectious energy which you can’t help but enjoy. The band’s first release “LA Don’t Love You” feels like a classic; a well-worn jacket that gets better with time. “LA Don’t Love You” is a Rock n’ Roll experience, tastefully hued with bluesy moments yet it is a definitively high voltage delivery.

Further proving the talent that comes out of LA, this band’s live performance is as energizing as their new single. Meoz has been compared to Joan Jett, Janis Joplin, and Brody Dalle yet she possesses a unique air in her vocal delivery that brings Sleater Kinney’s Corin Tucker to mind too.


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