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Right at the cusp where post-punk meets pop, The Heroic Enthusiasts deliver heady, intoxicating ’80s-style hooks spiked with touches of sophistication and danger. But to really get where this band is coming from, we have to start over 400 years ago in Naples, where a Catholic friar named Giordano Bruno gazed at the sky with eyes set ablaze. It wasn’t just spiritual passion that gripped him, but a profound appreciation for numbers, astronomy, and cosmology as well. Bruno lived as if math, science, philosophy and spirit were all threads in a larger mosaic. And he paid the ultimate price: In 1600, her was burned at the stake by a Church establishment that, apparently, didn’t share his enthusiasm.

For James Tabbi and Tom Ferrara, founders and core members of The Heroic Enthusiasts, Bruno’s legacy resonates on a number of levels, so much so that they chose to name the band after his epic work Gli Eroici Furori (literally “On the Heroic Passion” but more commonly known as “The Heroic Enthusiasts”). Tabbi and Ferrara update Bruno’s romanticism and infuse it with a modern sense of wariness. And like their new wave influences (Echo & The Bunnymen, The Killers, REM), they aim for the sweet spot where brooding and passion become indistinguishable.


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