The Realistics

US // New York City



Dave, Dennis, Mike and Will were not always The Realistics but they did always hang around together. These high school buddies spent their weekdays cutting class and their weekends roaming the streets of Manhattan sneaking into clubs and checking out every band they could.


Because of their common musical addiction, the guys started trading records with each other–from new wave to punk to obscure records from the 50’s. Over the years, they played in bands but never played together until 3 years ago. One night they decided to head down to a practice space to just to make some noise and by the end of the night they had written their first two songs. Three weeks later, they played their rousing first show at a crowded outer-borough SRO that left the audience enraptured and clamoring for more.


From these rather humble beginnings, they all decided to quit their other bands and form The Realistics. Dave (drums), Dennis (vocals, guitar), Mike (vocals, bass), and Will (vocals, rollbars, oscillators) started playing around town, talking their way into New York stalwarts like the Mercury Lounge, Brownies and Don Hill’s. Word quickly spread about their arresting performances earning them a devoted fanbase addicted to The Realistics’ fueled-up brand of rock n’ roll.


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