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How do I contact you? Contact a Bulletproof Bear team member for custom searches, licensing questions, and much more.  You can fill out a contact form (we will respond within 1 business day) or live chat with one a member of the Bulletproof Bear team. Will I get access to […]

Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

Get a Bulletproof Bear Account Get a Bulletproof Bear (Music + Sound) account and get access to all of the music used by Hollywood Studios, Television Networks, and Global Advertising Agencies.  Enter some basic information about you and your production company.  All accounts are reviewed by the team and it […]

Music Licensing Guide Music Licensing Terms

Music Licensing Guide

Welcome to our all-inclusive guide on music licensing. This guide aims to simplify the complex world of music licensing, providing clear directions on how to obtain the necessary rights and clearances. We’ll delve into the specifics of Synchronization and Master Use licenses, guiding you through the process of securing these […]

Underlying Composition vs Sound Recording Copyrights Underlying Composition Copyright and Sound Recording Copyright

Underlying Composition vs Sound Recording Copyrights

There are many different rights associated with a piece of music (i.e. synchronization rights, performing rights, reproduction rights). This is often referred to as the “bundle of rights”. Music copyrights can be intricate, and to understand them better, let’s delve into two specific types: Performing Arts (PA) and Sound Recording […]