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At Bulletproof Bear, we specialize in crafting tailor-made music solutions for your unique projects. Our team of talented composers and producers work closely with you to understand your vision and create custom music that perfectly complements your production or brand.


Bulletproof Bear offers a comprehensive music licensing solution covering pre-cleared and fully insured assets from Bulletproof Bear. With internal AI tools, the Bulletproof Bear team will curate custom music bins based on your specific production needs and preferences.


Bulletproof Bear provides music consulting to guide the creative process and navigate any legal clearances. Our team has extensive experience in music supervision, music clearance, and copyright management, ensuring maximum impact.


Bulletproof Bear provides global administrative services to ensure efficient and effective management and collection of music rights. If it is a composer owned soundtrack or production company assets, Bulletproof Bear can help monetize these assets on a global scale.

Trusted by the world's leading creative professionals

"As an editor/filmmaker, I’m looking for music that’s not overused in a bunch of other shows. I want an easily searchable catalog with keywords for emotion and tone and instrumentation. And I want quality. Quality with high production values, creative composing, modern musical complexity. Bulletproof Bear checks all those boxes. I recommend it to every show I work on, and I use it in my own independent films."


Editor, America’s Got Talent, American Idol

Jared_100x100 round

"Bulletproof Bear's music library is my first go-to for all of my music needs. Whether it's for feature films, trailers, documentaries, or everything in between. I go to them, not only because their selection has everything a filmmaker and content creator needs, but because the quality of the tracks are much better than their competitors."


Filmmaker & Editor, Engenius Productions

“Jon and the team at Bulletproof Bear got us the music we needed when we needed it and went above and beyond to make it a simple process to get great music for our VR experience BrVR Backrooms Virtual Reality. Thank you Bulletproof Bear!“


Producer, Woo Studios

"Bulletproof Bear has an amazing catalog of music to choose from and you can very easily find exactly what you want for your project."

Aden Yung

Student Filmmaker, USC