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Contact a Bulletproof Bear team member for custom searches, licensing questions, and much more.  You can fill out a contact form (we will respond within 1 business day) or live chat with one a member of the Bulletproof Bear team.

Yes.  All Bulletproof Bear logins include the same great music used by Hollywood Studios, Tv Networks, and Global Ad Agencies.

For Education Site Licenses, songs with swear words are typically removed.

Bulletproof Bear adds new music every quarter – anywhere from 3000 to 8000 tracks (per quarter).

You can download a track, album, or complete playlist in AIFF, WAV, and Mp3.

If you have a Bulletproof Bear music license for a project and receive a YouTube copyright claim, contact us with details (invoice number, receipt number, project name, youtube video URL) and we will review and have the claim removed as soon as possible (usually within one business day).  The claim will only remove any Bulletproof Bear music and not music from outside Bulletproof Bear.

All of the videos you upload during the term of your Unlimited Use subscription will have a YouTube clearance from Bulletproof Bear forever.  If your subscription lapses, you may start to receive copyright notices on new videos only.  When you renew your subscription, Bulletproof Bear can clear those claims retroactively.  

No.  Once you have obtained a music license for your project, no additional payments are needed or required.

No.  Royalty Free is a term often associated with cheap low quality music.  Bulletproof Bear does offer Unlimited Use packages and subscriptions with no additional payments / royalties required.  YouTube channel clearance is always included.

Credit should be in the following form:

[Track Title]

Written by [Composer(s)]

Courtesy of Bulletproof Bear


Click here to register for an account.  All accounts are reviewed by the Bulletproof Bear team and may take up to one business day.

Click on the Login screen.  Directly below the password field, click “Lost Password”.

Once you have an account, go to the login screen and type in your login credentials.  To get started quickly, go to the Bulletproof Bear custom currated Playlists or Music Bins.

Cue Sheets are essentially a list of all music in a given production.  They show the song title, composer, publisher, length of play, and the type of usage.  If your production is a film, documentary, featurette, radio or television show – we ask that you file a cue sheet with the performing rights organizations (BMI, ASCAP, SESAC).  

Contact us with any questions or if you need assistance.

No.  You cannot use Bulletproof Bear music to be part of a new or derivative musical work.  

You need a music license anytime you are using music in your production (and you are not the owner/creator /copyright holder) and it does not meet the requirements under the Fair Use Doctrine.  You do not need a music license to listen to music (i.e. Apple Music / Spotify).


A license is the legal permission to use Bulletproof Bear music in a production.  While music licensing can be a difficult process – getting permission from multiple parties for different sets of rights.  Licensing with Bulletproof Bear is easy.  You only need a license from Bulletproof Bear to license / clear all of the music rights necessary for your production.

Bulletproof Bear ingests new music every quarter.  Use the Music Submission portal to submit your albums for consideration.

The “Territory” for a given music license is granted on case-by-case bases.  The territory for all “Unlimited Use Blankets” is Worldwide.