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Music Submission

Are you an artist, composer, or label and interested in being a part of the Bulletproof Bear team?  Please take a moment to review our FAQ for music submissions and then fill out the form below.

Bulletproof Bear adds new music every quarter – anywhere from 3000 to 8000 tracks (per quarter) including alternate mixes and stems.

We are looking for music that can be used in advertising, film, TV, and other media projects. Our clients require a wide range of musical styles, so we are open to all genres and types of music.  It is best to send what you are the best at in terms of writing and production quality.  The recording and mixes must be at the highest quality.

No.  You can search and review all music without needing an account.

After you submit your music through our portal, our team of music supervisors will review it and consider it for placement in our catalog. If we think your music is a good fit, we will contact you.

You can submit your music through our submission portal on our website at on this page. Please make sure to follow the submission guidelines outlined on the page.

Our team of music supervisors reviews each submission thoroughly and it can take some time to get through all of them. We appreciate your patience and will respond to you as soon as we can.

We receive a high volume of submissions and cannot respond to each one individually. However, if we are interested in licensing your music, we will reach out to you directly.

No.  Royalty Free is a term often associated with cheap low quality music.  Bulletproof Bear does offer Unlimited Use “Blanket” licenses for specific projects.

No, there is no fee to submit your music to Bulletproof Bear for consideration.

Yes, we accept music that has been previously released as long as you own all of the rights to the music you submit.

Yes, although the licensing process is more complicated with cover songs, we do accept cover songs and have a section of the catalog devoted specifically to cover songs.

Bulletproof Bear will acquire all rights to license your music worldwide in various media projects for a set period of time.

Yes, we are pre-cleared with many networks and large ad agencies, making it easier for our clients to license and use our music in their productions.

Yes, we have a global distribution setup with local foreign partners, allowing us to license the Bulletproof Bear catalog in territories all over the world.

In addition to our foreign distribution partners, Bulletproof Bear is directly affiliated with all of the major Copyright Management Organizations (i.e. PRS, MCPS, GEMA, etc.) giving the ability to collect different rights than are available strictly in the United States, making it easier for our music providers to monetize their music assets worldwide.

Bulletproof Bear control of  the YouTube Content ID is mandatory and allows us to protect our clients who license music legally as well as properly monetize Content ID for a music providers.

Yes, we register all songs globally via Common Works Registration to ensure that our music providers are collecting all royalties owed to them in every territory.

Yes, but very rarely and is usually used for smaller projects.  Bulletproof Bear is an exclusive catalog.

*it’s important to note that many networks and ad agencies require that the master recordings be represented by one party only, so non-exclusive music does not receive the same distribution exposure and may be legally prohibited

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    By submitting my music through the button below, I warrant and represent that I own all of the necessary rights to submit my music and am not infringing upon on any 3rd party rights whatsoever. Submitting my music is not a guarantee of acceptance.