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Quick Start Guide

Get a Bulletproof Bear Account

Get a Bulletproof Bear (Music + Sound) account and get access to all of the music used by Hollywood Studios, Television Networks, and Global Advertising Agencies.  Enter some basic information about you and your production company.  All accounts are reviewed by the team and it may take up to one business day for your account to become active.

Register for an Account.

Once your account is approved, you will receive a welcome email.  Go to and click on the Login button (upper-right).

Login Window

Forgot Password

If you have forgotten your password or simply wish to change it, go to the Login window and click “Forgot Password”.

Forgot Password (link)

Overview (Video Tutorial)

In this video, get an overview of Bulletproof Bear and its boutique collection located at  Learn how to sign up, login, preview and download.

Transport and Download

Learn the many ways you can navigate individual tracks, operating the transport (play / stop / fast-forward / reverse), and the many ways and formats you can download (playlists / albums / individual tracks).

See the various ways in which Alternate Mixes and STEM Mixes can be downloaded and used in your production.

Use the filter to fine-tune your search with criteria like Has Vocals, Instrumental, Tempo, and more.

The text entry search bar uses boolean logic similar to a google search – AND +, OR, NOT –

Organize playlists and playlists within folders for larger projects.  Once a playlist is active, click on the “+” button to add individual tracks or full albums to a playlist.  Download a complete playlist in Wav, Aiff, or Mp3 – with or without alternate versions.  Email these playlists to a friend.


There are many ways to search with the Bulletproof Bear music portal.

Filters (upper left)

Search Tool Bar (top) – uses boolean logic similar to a google search – AND +, OR, NOT –

Advance Search – great for people who need a some assistance with a search query.  

Sonic Search (included in the advance search) – upload a Wav, Aiff, Mp3 and it will look for something similar.  You can also copy/paste a YouTube or Soundcloud URL to find similar tracks.


Learn how to create a playlist, add/remove tracks to a playlist, make collaborative playlists, send playlists, and much more.  Playlists are similar to playlists created in Apple Music.  

Once a playlist is created, you can add/remove tracks, download the complete playlists (with or without alternate mixes/stems), and email the playlist to a colleague.

Sorting and Previewing

Learn the various ways we can sort and view labels, albums, and tracks.  There are (3) views – Simple, Art, and Detailed.